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Hellenic Cosmos
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 The documentaries

At Hellenic Cosmos the following documentaries are shown, after a prior agreement:

  • Miletus... A City in Four Dimensions
    Miletus during its heyday through a dramatized script, film shooting at present-day area and 3D representations. 1st award at the 5th Amiens Festival of Archaeological Films in France in 1998.
  • Asia Minor... Echoes of Memory
    An exploration of the Asia Minor coast, from Assos to Myra and their diachronic history in four 30-minute documentaries.
  • The Everburning Candle... On the Tracks of Christianity of Asia Minor
    A documentary-journey to the Byzantine churches of the Asia Minor coast from the Early Christian Period to the beginning of the 20th century.
  • We Were Children Then... Reminiscences of Asia Minor Refugees
    The life and history of the Asia Minor Hellenism through the testimonies of first generation Asia Minor refugees.
  • Potsherds... of the Black Sea - Hellenism in Bulgaria
    This documentary records some remaining fragments of Greek culture along the coastline of the Black Sea.
  • Sea Routes - Cyprus
    An hour-long documentary about the island of Cyprus through historical narrations and personal testimonies, which demonstrates the island's history, myths and people.
  • Royal Purple Harbors
    A documentary that brings to life the journeys of Greeks, from as early as the Minoan period, to the Lebanon, country of the Phoenicians, one of the most important commercial centres of the Mediterranean.
  • The House of Hermogenes
    A dramatized short film, about nine minutes long, exclusively with digital content, which presents a typical residence in Priene of the Hellenistic Period. The film was awarded at the international festival of archaeological films and videos "The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival" in Oregon.
  • The Journey
    The experience of the population exchange, as lived by Greeks from Aivali and Turks-Cretans from Rethimno. The documentary received the "1st Prize IPEKTSI 2000" (co-produced by FHW and Maria Mavrikou).
  • The Olympic Games in Antiquity
    This documentary captures the essential drama and story of the Olympic Games between the 8th century BC to the early Christian years using both archaeological remains and modern technology (co-produced by FHW and ZEUS Joint Venture).