Sea Routes - Cyprus

Greeks, always restless, traveled to many parts of the Mediterranean and left their mark either by the creation of commercial posts or whole cities, the colonies. So the Mediterranean ports formed a point of reference of the influence of Hellenic culture, but also of the admirable coexistence and communication of many cultural elements.

Cyprus, with its natural ports and diachronic presence of the Greek element, is the subject of the Foundation's last film production entitled "Sea Routes - Cyprus". The south coast of Cyprus, closer to Egypt and the shores of Syria and Palestine, attracted the first residents from the Neolithic period. The appearance of colonies in these territories and the creation of commercial centres was facilitated by the peaceful policy of the Egyptians and the expansion of the Mycenaeans to Eastern Mediterranean and led to the development of a series of large ports, known today mainly by the wealth of the tombs that were excavated. The documentary presents the history of the ports Citium, Larnaka, Limassol, Paphos, Famagusta, Kyrenia of ancient Amathus.

The presentation covers all historical periods: Antiquity (from the 16th century BC), the Byzantine Period, the Occupation by the Franks and the Venetians, the Ottoman Period to the present day. The myths of Cyprus, its history, its natural resources, its people, the power of the sea that surrounds it create the portrait of an area with powerful tradition and of a people with large reserves of inner strength.

The 3D reconstructions that were produced by the Foundation give a special dimension to the documentary. Characteristically, we can mention Neorio of Citium, the myth of Melouzine, the interior of the temple dedicated to Aphrodite and the interior of the temple of Astarte.

Script/Direction: Dimitris Loukopoulos
Photography: Alekos Anastasiou
Digital Graphics: Vanguelis Christodoulou
3D Graphics: Vanguelis Christodoulou, Vassilios Kontodimas, Emmanuel Vichos, Abraham Onassiadis
Illustration: Evdokia Papakiriazi
Production: Gina Petropoulou
Music: Nikos Eleftheras
Narration: Marianna Lamouriou

Duration: 60'


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