Royal Purple Harbors - Livanos

The documentary "Royal Purple Harbors" brings to life the travels of the Greeks, already from the Minoan period, to Lebanon, the land of the Phoenicians, one of the most important commercial centers of the Mediterranean and reveals the influence of Hellenic culture there.

In their frequent travels from Sidon to Crete, the Minoan island, the Phoenicians met with the Greeks and taught them the art of navigation. Through their contact, the two peoples discovered their common characteristics: hospitality, commercial ingenuity and the nautical art.

The Phoenicians and Minoans, extremely capable and successful mariners, created through their travels a cosmopolitan culture, trading exotic spices, silk and perfumes for knowledge, arts and History, a history that still remains alive after five thousand years.

A production by the Foundation of the Hellenic World about the cultures living in the harbors and faraway places of the world.

Director: Vickie Peziri
Narration: Dimitris Katalifos
Script: Tassos Lyberakis, Angelos Kovotsos
Editing: Gianna Spyropoulou
Photography: Alekos Anastasiou
Music: Daphne Zaphirakopoulou
Research: Georgios Pilihos
Digital Graphics Supervisor: Vaggelis Ghristodoulou
Digital Graphics: Vasilis Kontodimas, Kimon Christodoulidis, Lydia Abastado, Eudokia Papakyriazi
Production Manager: Gina Petropoulou

Duration: 54 min


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