Potsherds... of the Black Sea - Hellenism in Bulgaria

The documentary «Potsherds of the Black Sea - Hellenism in Bulgaria» records fragments of Greek culture along the shores of the Black Sea, piecing them together like sherds of ancient pots. It preserves pieces from the history, language, memory and culture of a people with a 25-century-old presence in the area, which dwindled in 1924 -with the population exchange between Greece and Bulgaria.

Sozopolis (Sozopol), Anchialos (Pomerie), Mesembria (Nesebur) and Varna are the cities from where the eye of the camera passes. The Greek-speaking residents of these cities become the main characters of the documentary, which presents snapshots from their daily lives. Fishing, in other words the sea, is their main source of livelihood. "Fishing and the sea are the soul of Sozopolis" reveals one of its residents. Mesembria still preserves a Byzantine atmosphere, but traces from the conflict and the coexistence of different peoples are evident on the ground, history and memory. In Anchialos, salt production and manufacture dates from the Byzantine period. Finally Varna, the ancient Odessa, still remains an enchanting cosmopolitan centre of the Black Sea.

Scenario-Director: Aris Fotiadis
Director of Photography: Alekos Anastasiou
Sound: Giannis Panagiotakis
Editing: Menios Ditsas
Production Director: Gina Petropoulou
Music: Nikos Eleutheros
Narration: Eleni Kefalopoulou
3D Graphic Director: Vangelis Christodoulou
Duration: 57 minutes


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