We Were Children Then… Reminiscences of Asia Minor Refugees

This film was first shown on September 14th 1999, Commemoration Day of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Ninety-six first generation refugees from Aivali, Aidini, Smyrna, Vourla, Ephesus, Caesarea, Sparta (Pisidika) and other regions in Asia Minor shared their life-experiences in live interviews recorded by FHW's scientific personnel. Amongst the refugees were the the writers Dido Sotirious and Tasos Athanasiadis, the photographers Nellys (Nelly Saraidari) and Manolis Megalooikonomou, who photographed the "Peace agreement", between Eleftherios Venizelos and Kemal Ataturk.

The interviews reveal many aspects of the 20th century Asia Minor history. They uncover the peaceful cohabitation of Greek and Turk in the early part of the century; the evacuation in 1914 and its aftermath; nostalgia; the arrival of Greek troops in Asia Minor and the advance to the Sakaraya River; the Catastrophe and subsequent emigration to Greece; and the efforts for social rehabilitation.

The documentary was realized by the following:

  1. Narration-Presentation: Olia Lazaridou
  2. Script-Direction: Ploutarchos Kaitatzis
  3. Music composer: Giorgos Mouloudakis
  4. Director of Photography: Katerina Marangoudaki
  5. Production Designer: Gina Petropoulou
  6. Research-Assistant Director: Michalis Varlas
  7. Digital Graphics: Vangelis Christodoulou
  8. Editing: Thodoros Kapetanakis
  9. Costume and setting designer: Ksenophon Rigopoulos, Stella Rotsiou
  10. 3D Graphics: Vangelis Christodoulou, Manos Vichos, Ilias Michailidis
  11. 3D Graphics: Lydia Abastado



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