Miletus... A City in Four Dimensions

The Foundation of the Hellenic World inaugurated its film productions in 1997 with the documentary Miletus... A City in Four Dimensions. Using a combination of three dimensional models, dramatised scenario and shots taken in the natural surroundings of Miletus, this ancient city is restored to its former vigour.

The documentary conveys historical information through the use of dramatic dialogue: the narrator-traveller, setting of from Athens to visit Miletus, finds that the city has preserved little of its past, but, urged on by his discussions with a female figure, the personification of the ancient city, the traveller eventually rediscovers the splendours of the ancient city.

Miletus flourished from the 8th to the 6th century BC. Numbering 10,000 inhabitants, it was one of the most important centres of export trade with Tyro and Chalcedony. At the same time it developed culturally; known for its philosophers Thalis, Anaximandros and Anaxagoras. Miletus was the home town of Hippodamus, the first architect and city planner of the ancient world.

The camera focuses on important public buildings:

  1. the Bouleuterion
  2. the assembly hall for the citizens; the Agora
  3. centre of commercial and social life; the Delphinion
  4. an open-air sanctuary dedicated to Apollo Delphinios; the sanctuary of Apollo at Didyma one of the biggest sanctuaries of the ancient world, which was never completed because of its huge dimensions;
  5. the Gymnasium
  6. the Stadium
  7. the Arena
  8. the Ionic Stoa
  9. the Theatre
  10. the Sacred Gate of Miletus

The three dimensional models faithfully follow the monographies supplied by the German Archaeological School.

The documentary was directed by Andreas Koumbouras in collaboration with Dimitris Loukopoulos following a script by Despina Exakoustidou. Director of production was Gina Petropoulou and Giannis Svolos was the scientific advisor on architectural digital images. Dimitris Efraimoglou was in charge of the digital production while the direction and supervision of the three dimensional graphics was the responsibility of Vangelis Christodoulou. The actors Konstantinos Konstantopoulos and Maria Panourgia participated in the documentary and the music was composed by Stavros Xarchakos. On January 31st 1998 the documentary won 1st prize At the 5th Archaeological Film Festival of Amiens in France.


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