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Cultural Center
Hellenic Cosmos
254 Pireos street
177 78 Tavros

Tel: 212 254 0000


"Hellenic Cosmos", the Cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, is an ultra-modern Cultural Centre and Museum that stands out for its innovative programmes. It lies on a former industrial zone on an axis between Athens and Piraeus, where memory of Athens past meets the city's modern identity, and its architecture characterises Pireos street.

A wide range of activities
"Hellenic Cosmos" is a multifunctional area where visitors experience Hellenic history and culture, while at the same time it is a venue of cultural creation and expression. In its areas we organize a wide range of activities, open to people of all ages and interests:

  • Interactive exhibitions
  • Virtual Reality Tours
  • Educational Programmes
  • Conferences
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Internet Café
  • Documentaries
  • Art events

State-of-the-art technology
Through the use of state-of-the-art technology the examination of Hellenic history becomes a truly remarkable experience! Audiovisual and interactive media provide a new way for the dissemination of historical information, where the audience participates actively, wonders, intervenes and shapes the way the happenings develop.

"Hellenic Cosmos" continuously evolves. New areas and activities are being developed, so that the Cultural Centre has expanded from the initial 16,000m2 in 1998 to become gradually a cultural park of 60,000m2, which will constitute the meeting place of history, technology and architecture.

1998: "Hellenic Cosmos" is inaugurated with the exhibition on national anniversaries and historical memory, which provided a new dimension in the way we approach the past.

2006: "Tholos" is inaugurated, the new semi-spherical Virtual Reality theatre where FHW's digital productions are presented.

2008: "THEATRON" opens its gates to the public, a multifunctional area that has the ambition of housing contemporary artistic creation and expression.