The House of Hermogenes

In 146 BC, just as Corinth is set ablaze by the Romans, Hermogenes, a young architect from Priene, goes back to his home city to study the city-planning of Pytheos and especially to visit the old house of his ancestors, before it is torn down.

A 3D animated reconstruction of the typical house of Priene based on the research of Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hoepfner. Its subject is to demonstrate the arrangement and the functionality of a residence of the classical period.

The film enriches the travelling exhibition "The Greek Classical Period -Illusion or Reality", which already took place in Berlin and Bonn, during the year 2002.
It consists of one of the exhibits of the section "Proportion, Measurement, Precision and Grandeur" of the exhibition. The above section is referring to the architecture of the ancient Greek classical period.
Furthermore, this short film is included by the Altes Museum in Berlin, as one of its permanent exhibits, and has won an Honorable Mention in the Use of Animation category in "The Archaelogy Channel International Film and Video Festival".

Actors: Konstantinos Laggos (Hermogenes), Alexandros Pontikakis (Myron)
Music: George Magoulas
Directing supervision - montage -  digital graphics supervision:  Vaggelis Christodoulou
Production: Spyros Tsiftsis
Study and design of reconstructions / scientific supervision of reconstructions: Ioannis N. Arvanitis, GIannis Svolos
3D Graphics: Emmanuel Vichos, Nikos Gizelis
3D Graphics:  Antonis Kotzias, Alexander Hemery, Theodoros Galanopoulos, Onassiadis Abraham
3D characters  - titles:  Lydia Abastado
Digital effects: Vassilis Kontodimas
2D graphics: Evdokia Papakiriazi, Lydia Abastado
Recording: Konstantinos Bokos, Studio 19

Duration: 8:41'

The production was created exclusively at the facilities of the Foundation of the Hellenic World


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