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 Meeting at the Ancient Agora

The exhibition "Meeting at the Ancient Agora" focused on the values that were born in the Ancient Agora of Athens and shaped modern political thinking: freedom, justice, education, isonomy, freedom of speech, sociability and contribution to the common life of the state. With natural exhibits and interactive applications of state-of-the-art technology the social, political and intellectual life of Athens comes to life in the period in which the Agora was created. The exhibition covered mainly the classical and Early Hellenistic Period (approximately 5th-3rd century BC), while there was mention of the historical course towards the creation of the Agora and to its use in later periods, for example the Roman period. The exhibition also presented the way contemporary Europe and the world community have incorporated into their institutions the fundamental characteristics of the institutions that were born in the Ancient Agora of Athens.
(Period: December 2007 - September 2011)