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 Sponsorships 2001

Sponsorships 2001

The bank EFG Eurobank Ergasias, recognizing FHW's work for the record, preservation and dissemination of Hellenic historical memory through the use of state-of-the-art technology, will be for the second consecutive year the sponsor of the programme "Hellenic History on the Internet" as well as the exclusive sponsor of the web site "Olympics Through Time".

The telecommunications company VIVODI TELECOM supports with its sponsorship the operation of the Cyber Hall. It is an area where visitors discover the Internet and its capabilities and learn about Hellenic history and culture through FHW's presentations.

Vodafone sponsors the operation of the "Magic Screen", the first Virtual Reality system in Greece. Thanks to the advanced projection system, the "Magic Screen" creates an impressive environment, in which the visitor participates actively in virtual travels, wearing special stereoscopic glasses and using a small navigation devise.

The company Kraft foods-Pavlidis sponsors the publication of the children's newspaper "Cosmos News". The newspaper is addressed to children 9 to 14 years old, is entirely in color and covers many issues: cultural, historical, educational, new technologies. Is also includes comics, puzzles but also competitions with many gifts.

The company McDonald's Hellas is the sponsor of the educational programme "Olympic Hero". Through this programme the students can discover true ideals, as well as a very important piece of Hellenic culture and history, the athletic ideal of the Olympic Games.

The company GIOTIS S.A., recognizing FHW's work and its effort for the promotion of the cultural education of children and young people, is for the second consecutive year the sponsor of the educational programme that is related to the exhibition "Krossia, Chitones, Doulamades, Velades - 4000 Years of Hellenic Costume" covering the expenses for its operation.