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 Ice Station Antarctica

The exhibition "Ice Station Antarctica" comes from the Natural History Museum of London and, through various challenges and activities, transports visitors to the coldest continent on the planet. Visitors are invited to experience the extreme conditions that scientists have to face there, to discover everyday life, to drive snowmobiles, to dive into the frozen sea and to study wild animals. The exhibition was developed in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), Ice Station Antarctica was one of the highlights of the UK's involvement in International Polar Year (2007/2008). It is the best organized exhibition designed on a European level about Antarctica. With the support of ATTICA ZOOLOGICAL PARK.

Cultural Centre "Hellenic Cosmos", Building 1
254 Pireos street, Tavros
Τel. 212 254 0000

Exhibition hours:
Monday - Thursday 09:00-13:30
Friday 09:00-20:00
Saturday 11:00-16:00
Sunday 10:00-18:00