Presentation of the Conference

The dynamic development of digital technologies has created new opportunities for the advancement of sciences and arts and in this way they have brought changes in contemporary societies.
In the field of culture, the existent material becomes digitized, while there is development of advanced technologies for the communication between man and computer as well as original methods of interaction.
The technology influences and is influenced by culture, and in this framework the dialogue between them is more urgent that ever and mandatory as well. The Foundation of the Hellenic World aims at the study, preservation and dissemination of Hellenic culture through the use of digital technology applications. At the same time, the Foundation is actively involved in the discussion regarding the relation between the Humanities and new technologies and organizes, after the success of the previous ones, the 3rd International Conference entitled "Cultural Convergence and Digital Technology" from the 23rd to the 25th of November 2006 at the cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos.

Lazaros Efraimoglou           

President of the Foundation of the Hellenic World

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