Thematic Units

The aim of the conference is to promote issues that have to do with the use and dissemination of cultural information through digital technology, as well as the contribution of the latter to the shaping of a framework of convergence and promotion of cultures.

The Conference will have three interrelated sessions, each addressing one of the following themes:
Emerging Theories and Practices for Creating Interactive User Experiences
Advanced human-computer interaction technologies, novel interaction paradigms, mixed reality, wearable computing, smart spaces, multimodal user interfaces.

Culture and Society in the Digital Age
The contribution of new technologies in cultural communication, the participation of cultural organizations in national and international programmes, interrelations between scientific and social aspects of digital technology, the future of digital heritage.

Arts and Entertainment: A Glimpse of the Future
Digital technology as a means for creative expression across the spectrum of art, design and media practices, the influence and impact of artistic insight on technology, new forms of interactive digital entertainment.


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