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March 31st 1896: 7th day of the events


In the rifle competition from a distance of 300 meters the winner was the Greek lawyer George Orphanides.


Marathon cycling race

From the nineteen athletes that had signed up for the competition only nine competed. The athletes had to cover a distance of 87 kilometers. The Greek Aristides Konstantinides was the winner of this adventurous competition.


Torchlight procession

One of the most beautiful spectacles of the celebration was undoubtedly the torchlight procession that took place on Sunday night, creating a memorable event to all those that watched it.


Banquet at the palace

In the same day another memorable event took place, the Banquet at the palace in honor of the Olympic winners, foreign athletes and the foreign press representatives. At the end of the breakfast the king addressed the foreigners with the following words:

"The revival of the Olympic Games in their ancient birthplace met with total and surprising success and I am glad that I am able today to congratulate and thank you all for your efforts that resulted in this brilliant result. [...] Greece, the mother of gymnastics in Antiquity, undertook courageously their organization again, while Europe and the New World watched over, and now that the success of the Games has been generally acknowledged we hope that the foreigners who honored the Games with their presence will decide to assign our country with the peaceful meeting of the nations, as a permanent site of the Olympic Games".
[Beck, Ch. (ed.), Oi Olympiakoi Agones, 776 BC - 1896 (The Olympic Games, 776 BC - 1896), Athens 1896, p. 50-51].


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