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30th March 1896: 6th day of the events.

The wrestling competition that had started the previous day continued and ended with the German Carl Schuhmann as the winner. Although entrance to the event was free, not many spectators attended the event. The emotional outburst of the previous day -due to Louis' victory- left the crowd indifferent to the other events.



The shooting events consisted of three competitions: pistol from 30 meters won by the American Summer Paine, pistol from 25 meters won by Ioannis Fragoudis and rifle from 300 meters. The finals of the latter event was postponed for the following day.


Swimming events

In the morning of this day the swimming events took place at Zea bay in Piraeus. The weather was excellent and so numerous people came from Athens and they enjoyed the event. The competition included the following events:

- 100 meters event, won by the Hungarian Alfred Hajos.
- 100 meters sailors event, where men from the Greek Navy participated, won by the sailor Ioannis Malokinis.
- 500 meters free style, won by the Australian Paul Neumann.
- 1,200 meters free style, won by the Hungarian Alfred Hajos.


Cycling events

In the afternoon cycling events continued at the velodrome of Phaliro with extremely favorable weather conditions. The cycling events were the following:

- 2 km race
- 10 km race
- one round race

The French Paul Masson was the winner in all the events.



The British John Bolland was the winner in the singles event and the couple Fritz Traun and John Bolland won the couples event.


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