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The revival of the Olympic Games

The Chronicle of the games

The modern Greek state in the late 19th century saw the Olympic Games as a link between the ancient and modern Hellenic culture, contributing thus to the development of a national ideology. Furthermore, the games were associated with the demand for the nation's cultural and intellectual revival. From the atmosphere that was prevalent in the country during that period it is evident that there had been an effort to equate the two cultures, modern and ancient. Moreover, the Olympic Games proved to be an outlet for the expression of the international optimism for the new age. This festive mood is evident in Charles Beck's album Oi Olympiakoi Agones, 776 BC - 1896 (The Olympic Games, 776 BC - 1896), published in 1896. We present this chronicle of the Games as a legacy of those times:

- 1st day, March 25th
- 2nd day, March 26th
- 3rd day, March 27th
- 4th day, March 28th
- 5th day, March 29th
- 6th day, March 30th
- 7th day, March 31st
- 8th, 9th and 10th day, 1st, 2nd and 3rd April.


Modern Olympic Games:
From Athens of 1896 to Athens of 2004

Short description of the monuments at ancient Olympia

3D reconstructions:
Some of the most important buildings in ancient Olympia rendered in three-dimensions.

3D reconstruction of the Temple of Zeus in ancient Olympia.

Other games:
Short reference on other famous contests in ancient Greece

In the first person:
Young Ariston shares his experience in the Olympic Games

Olympic victors:
Database of the ancient Olympic victors based on each athletic event and each Olympiad

Specimen sources