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4th Zappian Games



The organisation of the fourth, and last, Zappian Games, was initially scheduled for 1885. However, after repeated postponements the Zappian Committee disclaimed responsibility for their organisation in 1888. In the following year Ioannis Phokianos undertook personally the responsibility of the games which took place in May 1889 in his own newly built Central Gymnasium with the participation of 30 athletes. In the first day the large number of spectators and the general disorder hindered the organisation of the events and the games were postponed for a few days. However, when they were resumed there was no problem and everything went on smoothly. Twelve events took place, among them racing, discus throwing, pole vault, parallel bars and wrestling.

It can be argued that the Zappian Olympiads paved the road for the Olympic Games of 1896. For example, the ceremonies, the diplomas, the medals, the sponsors as well as the experience acquired through the organization of these Games were also utilised in the future athletic events. At the same time the Zappian Games influenced the public in accepting the idea of the organisation of the first international Olympic Games.


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