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An innovative exhibition of FHW, at the «Hellenic Cosmos» Cultural Centre with precious exhibits from the Greek Navy.  The “Stories of Valour” presents another approach to the history of the Greek Navy, as it evolves from the years of the Revolution of 1821 to the present day. In the wreck of a ship, which composes the exhibition scene, develops all the major episodes of the route of the Navy, through unknown small stories.   Selected objects, never exposed before, are presented together with photographs, audio and video documents, so that visitors can participate with all their senses, understand, be moved and reflect. The new exhibition, an FHW production, at the Cultural Centre "Hellenic Cosmos" from February 16.
The city of Miletus on the western coast of Asia Minor, one of the most important cities in Ionia, comes to life again in the Virtual Reality production "A Walk Through Ancient Miletus". This production, in the special environment of immersion of "Tholos", uses some new technical characteristics, which allow the development of multiple directions of digital life in the virtual space and not a predetermined course.
A special ten-day programme of knowledge and entertainment for children from 5 to 12 years old at Hellenic Cosmos. With different subject matter each year and original educational activities and games, children learn about the rich Hellenic heritage and tradition and develop bonds of cooperation and friendship among them.

This programme provides a complete tour to the sacred site of ancient Olympia in the 2nd century BC. Monuments and sacred buildings come to life, enabling visitors to participate in the events and the rituals of the Olympic Games and to learn about the history of the city.
Facebook, one of the greatest social utilities on the Internet, provides people all over the world with the opportunity to communicate, exchange articles, express their opinions and share their ideas. Hellenic Cosmos, one of the most important cultural organizations in Greece, establishes its presence on Facebook and invites you to participate. Learn and disseminate activities related to Hellenic history and culture through your everyday involvement on the Internet.