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National Resistance
The creation of EAM
The other resistance organisationsThe resistance action against the Axis

The conflicts of the resistance groups

Political deadlocks

The other resistance organisations

At the same time, during the winter of 1941-42, a new important organisation was formed, EDES (National Democratic Greek Group) led by Napoleon Zervas. The new organisation, albeit not supported by any particular political party (in contrast to EAM), expressed an anti-communist orientation, in spite of the existence of a strong anti-royal group amongst its membership.

After intense pressure from the British government, EDES started its activities on the Greek mountains in the beginning of the summer of 1942. The third major resistance group was the EKKA (National Movement of Social Liberation), an organisation which became active during 1943 but was greatly overshadowed by the previous two organisations, both in geographical appeal and in actual membership.

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