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National Resistance The creation of EAM The other resistance organisations
The resistance action against the Axis

The conflicts of the resistance groups

Political deadlocks

The creation of EAM

Already since the end of June 1941, the Central Committee of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) was convoked in order to determine the party's attitude towards the country's situation and towards the Nazi attack on the Soviet Union. The official decision declared the party's determination to contribute to the defeat of the fascist forces through its cooperation with other left-wing parties and groups and through the formation of a unitary political and military front against the forces of Occupation.

In September 1941 the National Liberation Front (EAM) was founded; an organisation which was projected as a point of reference for all Greeks in their common struggle against the Axis. Soon, EAM created a series of other organisations with more limited, but more specific functions - the EAAM (National Labour Liberation Front), the EPON (Greek National Youth Organisation) and, finally, in December 1941, the ELAS (National Popular Liberation Army), as the military wing of EAM. By mid-1942, ELAS had already organised action groups in the mountains of the Greek mainland and planned the first resistance operations against the German forces.

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