Presentation of the Conference

The monumental presence of digital technology is evident in every aspect of everyday life, while it continues to expand in every field.
Technology itself has directly influenced the achievements of mankind so far, minimizing cultural distances, differentiating the image of traditional peculiarities and shaping a new identity in creation. The two factors, "digital technology" and "culture", form an explosive mix, which requires proper understanding, proper manipulation, correct and creative development, so that it will prove to be the main component for the formulation of the basis of society for the next millennium.
The Foundation of the Hellenic World, as part of its activities, possessing intimate knowledge of the dimensions and the importance of the cultural evolution and contributing actively to its demonstration and promotion through new technologies, organizes the 2nd International Conference "Cultural Convergence and Digital Technology" from the 18th to the 20th of November 2004.
We hope that the 2nd International Conference will prove, like last year's 1st Conference, a highly successful contribution to the areas of information and intellectual questioning of modern society.

Lazaros Efraimoglou           

President of the Foundation of the Hellenic World

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