The Foundation of the Hellenic World organizes in collaboration with the ACM SIGCHI (Association for Computing Machinery – Special Interest Group Computer-Human Interaction) the 5th International Conference ACE 2009 “Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology 2009”, which for the first time incorporates the 4th International Conference DIMEA 2009 “Digital Interactive Media Entertainment and Arts”. The conference will take place from the 29th to the 31st of October 2009, at the “THEATRON” of the Cultural Centre “Hellenic Cosmos”.

Interactive entertainment is a rapidly evolving industry with significant social and cultural consequences. FHW, following this tendency, organizes a conference which will constitute the supreme academic forum for the presentation of new research results that will come from the field of entertainment computing. This year’s organization incorporates DIMEA, which in the last three years has established itself as a very important conference of entertainment and art.

It is worth noting that apart from the theoretical approaches that will lead to constructive dialogue, the conference is expected to include a Creative Demo Session, with on-the-spot presentation of more than twenty experiments-projects in the field of interactive entertainment coming from the most important research groups in the world. In the end of the conference, the best experimental projects will be awarded