QuickTime VR

Virtual Reality on the Web

Experience the next generation of Web Pages: 3D Objects for you to manipulate or 360 degree Panoramas that you can navigate in !

All you need is a Macintosh (or a compatible) computer, equipped with QuickTime© V2.0 (or higher) and QTVRPlayer©.
If you do not have them, you can get them from here !

Look around this Cartoon Character
(Object, 32K) hey! it does not get smaller than this !
From Apple Computer's FTP site.

Visit the lost city of Atlantis
(1 Node, 162K)
By Cris Casady.

Bouleuterion of Miletus Visit the Council-House ("Bouleuterion") of Miletus
(1 Node, 480K)
By the FHW 3D Department and Imagina Computer Graphics.

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