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Welcome to my personal home page.
This page has been under construction since forever...
More realistically, I would say that it has been left adrift since 2003 or something...
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Check out a first attempt
to create my family tree

(Greek Fonts required)

This is a great site where you can find many things.


I am the Managing Director of FHW, but I am also a computer whizz...

Info about the Foundation's Computers:

The Foundation's main Web Server is pegasos:
Hardware: Apple Macintosh XServe G5/2x2.7 Server with 2GB of RAM and 3x80GB of hard disks
Software: OS: Mac OS X Server V10.4.2
Web Server: Apache V1.3.33



Check this out : Virtual Reality in the WEB !

Made with a Mac

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Made with a Mac

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Thursday, 22-Apr-03

"If it's just us... it seems like
an awful waste of space"
-- Ellie Arroway, Contact