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Relations between Greece and Britain
The Greek contribution to the allied struggle Rebellions in the Greek troop in April 1944
The constitutional issue
The demand for a plebiscite
The significance of British influence on the future of Greece in postwar Europe

The liberation of occupied Europe

The Greek contribution to the allied struggle

The exiled government showed a strong interest in assisting the struggle of the British and other allied forces against the Axis. The transfer of selected Greek military units to north Africa, the rescue of military equipment (ships, aircrafts) and the participation of Greek merchant ships for transporting reinforcements to the Egyptian front, all contributed to a great extent to the common battle of the Allied forces against Rommel, leading to the defeat and expulsion of the German-Italian troops from Africa by the end of 1943. At the most decisive battle of the war in north Africa, at El Alamein (only miles outside Alexandria), three Greek battalions participated in the successful operation of the allied forces which halted the menacing advance of the Axis troops towards Cairo.

Later, units of the Greek army and airforce took part in the landing in Sicily (summer 1943) and in the operation to establish control over the Italian peninsula.

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