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The war of the Axis against Greece

The German strategy: Plan 'Marita'

The war with Germany
The occupation of the Greek mainland
The Battle of Crete
Greece in the fascist 'New Order'
The exiled Greek governmentThe German 'Pyrrhic victory'

The exiled Greek government

End April 1941, the adventures of the official exiled Greek government outside the national territory had just started, amidst conflicts with Britain regarding the government's new base. The Greek representatives insisted on Cyprus, asking for the transfer of full sovereignty in the exercise of the government's functions. Such a solution, however, reminded the British leadership of the traditional Greek ambitions and claim regarding Cyprus and was, therefore, rejected.

The final compromise solution was the Egyptian city of Alexandria as the base of the exile Greek government until the liberation of the country. The choice of this Middle East port underlined the determination of the Greek government to remain at the centre of political and military developments, as well as its desire to continue to control the participation of Greek forces in the overall effort against the Axis.

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