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The war of the Axis against Greece

The German strategy: Plan 'Marita'
The choices of the Balkan countries
The results

The war with Germany


During the winter of 1941, Greek foreign policy continued to prepare for the impending German attack by attempting to elicit reassurances and aid from Britain. With the death of I. Metaxas on 29 January 1941, the new Prime Minister Alexandros Korizis declared his intention to continue the foreign policy of his predecessor.

However, the advance of the German troops through Hungary and Rumania towards Bulgaria and Yugoslavia dictated a speedier rhythm of diplomatic and military developments. The previous deadlock in the negotiations with Britain for the dispatch of British troops for the defence of Greece was resolved in mid-March 1940 with a Greek-British agreement. This agreement involved the creation of a defensive front in northern Greece, with the parallel dispatch of a small military contingent to Greece in support of the Greek armed forces. At the same time, Crete was chosen as the most appropriate place for the creation of a British naval base of communication with the North African front.

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