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The war of the Axis against Greece
The Italian advance
The Italian retreatThe internationalisation of the conflict

The German strategy: Plan 'Marita'

The war with Germany

The Italian retreat

On 10 November 1940 the Italian forces, now under orderly retreat, found themselves exactly on the point where the operation had started on 28 October. On 21 November the Greek troops had entered the Albanian territory and forced the Italian army to abandon Koritsa (southern Albania). On 28 November the leader of the Italian armed forces, Badoglio, submitted his resignation to the Italian dictator in an atmosphere of pessimism for the outcome of the war in Albania. His replacement, however, on 3 December by his deputy, Cavallero, did not improve the course of the military operations in the Albanian front. By mid-December the Greek army had advanced to Argirokastro, to Chimara and to Pogradets. The Greek counterattack spread great enthusiasm as regards a former national request, the liberation of the region of northern Epirus, which almost thirty years ago had been adjudged by the Great Powers to Albania.

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