Iassos - Bouleuterion

A rectangular building at the south side of Agora.
Its establishment dates back to the 1st century BC, when Iassos was controled by Miletus.

The conference room could be accessed through two entrances at the northern side of the building, placed on either side of four columns, decorating the front wall. There were also two side entrances with stairs. The tiers were amphitreatrical and perpendicular trilateral separations. Through a narrow corridor, the room was connected to the rooms placed in the eastern stoa of the Agora, which were used as an Arheion (archive). The final form of this Bouleuterion, which imitates the Bouleuterion of Miletus, was completed in the roman period.

There still stand remains of wall-building, and parts of the understructure of the seats and the covered corridors.