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Some of the most important buildings in ancient Olympia rendered in three-dimensions.

3D reconstruction of the Temple of Zeus in ancient Olympia.

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Young Ariston shares his experience in the Olympic Games

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Topography of Ancient Olympia



The Stadium underwent several building phases and was located at the eastern side of the Altis. During the Archaic period the construction was simple without clearly defined sides. During the early Classical period, in the 5th century BC, the Stadium was transferred to the northeast and well-shaped sides were constructed. In the 4th century, it was separated from its direct connection to the sanctuary itself by the Stoa of Echo. At that time, the Stadium was 212,50m. long and 28,50m. wide. It held 45.000 spectators who were sitting on the ground. The stone seats were restricted to the officials. The platform for the Hellanodikai (judges) was at the south side opposite of which was the altar to Demeter Chamyne.