Short description of the monuments at ancient Olympia

3D reconstructions:
Some of the most important buildings in ancient Olympia rendered in three-dimensions.

3D reconstruction of the Temple of Zeus in ancient Olympia.

Other games:
Short reference on other famous contests in ancient Greece

In the first person:
Young Ariston shares his experience in the Olympic Games

Olympic victors:
Database of the ancient Olympic victors based on each athletic event and each Olympiad

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Topography of Ancient Olympia


The monument of Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II

In the eastern side of the enclosure, just in front of the Stoa of Echo lay the ruins of a monument, dating from the Hellenistic Era. This was a structure that has been built by the Admiral Kallikrates in honor of the prince of Egypt, Ptolemy II Philadelphus and his sister and second wife Arsinoe II. Two columns of Ionic order (10 m. high) were placed inside the monument, on top of which stood the golden statues of the couple.