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Some of the most important buildings in ancient Olympia rendered in three-dimensions.

3D reconstruction of the Temple of Zeus in ancient Olympia.

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Young Ariston shares his experience in the Olympic Games

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Database of the ancient Olympic victors based on each athletic event and each Olympiad

Specimen sources


Topography of Ancient Olympia


Phidias' workshop

Phidias' workshop was located at the outer side of the Altis, west of the temple of Zeus, southwest of Theikoleon and north of Leonidaion. The workshop was an oblong, rectangular building with two inner colonnades, dating from 440-430 BC, the period during which the sculptor had undertaken the construction of the chryselephantine statue of Zeus. In the 2nd century AD, Pausanias reports that the building served as a cult place for the gods. As there are no tools nor traces of materials found during the excavations, it appears that at some point the workshop was cleaned and remodeled.



Paleochristian Basilica

Outside of the west enclosure of the sacred area of the Altis, a paleochristian basilica was built on the site of the workshop of Phidias, constructed in the Classical period. Its walls are preserved in notable height.