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Third to fifth day of the games

During the third day the equestrian events and the pentathlon took place. The equestrian events were the most popular of the Olympic Games and were introduced in the games in the following order:

- Tethrippon (four-horse chariot race)
- Full-grown keles (horse race for fully grown horses)
- Apene (two-mule chariot race)
- Kalpe (Horse race for mares)
- Synoris (two-horse chariot race)
- Tethrippon for foals
- Synoris for foals
- Chariot race for foals

Early in the afternoon, the pentathlon took place in the Stadium, a combination of five different events, jumping, running, javelin (from the light events), discus and wrestling (from the heavy events). The day came to an end with ceremonies in honor of Pelops, the legendary founder of the Games, in front of the Pelopion.

The fourth day started with the large ceremony, the hecatombe, in honor of Zeus, where one hundred oxen -an offering by the Eleians- were sacrificed in front of the god's altar. The procession that started from the Prytaneion consisted of representatives of the cities, priests, athletes and members of each delegation. Then followed the running events, where athletes competed in the stade (single course race), in the diaulos (double course race) and in the dolichos (long distance race), as well as in wrestling, boxing, pankration and hoplite race.

The fifth day was the official closing day of the Olympic Games. In front of the various altars sacrifices were offered to the deities of Olympia. All the victors assembled in the temple of Zeus, for the awarding of the wreaths by the elder of the Hellanodikai. The name and the city of the victors was announced from the herald in front of everybody. At the Prytaneion, the seat of the officials of the sanctuary, the Elians held a banquet in honor of the victors. After the celebration the Olympic victors returned home where they were received with great honors.


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