The Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW) aims to preserve and promulgate the history and spirit of Hellenism by combining in-depth historical research with state-of-the-art information and computer technology. The various Sectors (of which the Internet is one) and Units that make up FHW, all work in accordance with this overall policy.

It is well known that, as a network linking computers and peoples worldwide, the Internet has immense capabilities. It allows people to create, present and send information instantly on the network; to update and renew information instantly; to communicate internationally. Additionally, the Internet meets the needs of different age-groups and different categories of people, from pupils and scholars to the general public and specialist researchers; and it can operate in a variety of contexts, from schools and museums to Internet Cafes and the home.

FHW believes that the success of a web site depends to a great extent on how well the expectations of the user can be defined. When people come into contact with new and complex systems of information, they need mental models to help them perceive relations among various subjects and units of information. This is why FHW has taken care to organise its web sites into manageable, user-friendly units and to create graphic layouts that facilitate navigation.

FHW's Internet Sector has developed a number of projects relating to Hellenic history and culture. The originality, realisation and success of these programmes owe much to the expertise, professional experience and above all to the spirit of cooperation that exists amongst the Foundation's archaeologists, historians, programmers and graphic artists. To date the most ambitious of these projects is Hellenic History on the Internet, a sweeping and comprehensive panorama of the Hellenic peoples through time and space.