From Assos to Aivali

From Assos to Aivali is the first of the four documentaries that review the ancient cities of Asia Minor. The tour begins in Assos, a Methymnian colony founded at the start of the 1st millenium BC. Assos was one of the most important cities on the Asia Minor coast, with exquisite fortifications dating back to the Byzantine period. The camera highlights the temple of Athena in all its understated simplicity, and also brings the Palaestra, the Theatre and the Agora into view.

Pergamos, the next stop, was a remarkable artistic, literary and scientific centre in the ancient world with the Library and the Asclepieion (the latter a centre of worship and healing) standing out as the jewels of the city. But the dialogue between the two narrator-characters brings other important periods of the city's history to life: from the 8th century BC with the Aeolian settlement to the Hellenistic era, when the town was at its financial and cultural peak, and beyond to the time of the early Christian Martyrs in Asia Minor.

Lastly, we are taken to Aivali, former Kydonia, a city of unique beauty whose churches and monasteries, standing side-by-side with its commercial buildings, reflect two facets of the Hellenic spirit.

Narration: Alexander Raptis, Eugenia Maragou
Scenario-Director: Dimitris Loukopoulos
Music: George Magoulas
Research: George Pilihos
Production Director: Gina Petropoulou
Photography: Nady Francis
3D Graphic Director: Vangelis Christodoulou
Scientific advisor on architecture: John Svolos
3D Graphics: Vangelis Christodoulou (supervisor), Alexander Hemery, Ilias Mihailidis, Abraham Onassis
2D Graphics: Lydia Abastadou, Peggy Tsaprouni
Editing: Antonis Xenos, Thanasis Takis
Post Production: Imagina Computer Graphics


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