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 "The Artists of the Spyropoulos Museum"

The Foundation of Giannis and Zoe Spiropoulou presented the exhibition "The Artists of the Spyropoulos Museum" with the work of 18 young artistes, who received the Gianis Spyropoulos Award in the years 1990 to 2000.

As Mr Nikos Dimou, the President of the Foundation, characteristically mentioned in his note at the catalogue of the exhibition, "the Spyropoulos Foundation, honoring the 10 years from the death of Giannis Spiropoulos and saying goodbuy to the co-creator of the Foundation Zoe Spiropoulou, organised an exhibition which conveys the spirit of its founders. Giannis and Zoe Spiropoulou always wanted to support young artists, to create excuses and reasons for new aesthetic tendencies and to facilitate communication betwwen the creators and public". Then, he thanked the Foundation of the Hellenic World and its President Mr Lazaros Efraimoglou for the hospitality and he concluded: "The Giannis and Zoe Spiropoulou Foundation enters to its second decade, guarding the memory of those not present and cultivating the eternal presence of their creation".
At the same catalogue the President of the Foundation of the Hellenic World Mr Lazaros Efraimoglou notes: "As President of the Foundation of the Hellenic World I would like to express my boundless admiration both to Giannis and Zoe Spiropoulou and to their work". He also mentioned that "it is very important and encouraging for young artists to feel that their work is recognised, rewarded and promoted to the public. The Foundation of the Hellenic World, as a cultural agent aiming at the preservation and propagation of history and culture supports and assists such commendable efforts".

The artists that participated in the exhibition are the following:

  • Nikos Artemis
  • Dimitra Vantzou
  • Lina Theodorou
  • Antzi Karatza
  • Olimpia Koukoufiki
  • Mihalis Lagouvardos
  • Xenofon Bitsikas
  • Ilias Papailiakis
  • Ahilleas Papakostas
  • Konstantinos Papamihalopoulos
  • Alexandros Pfaff
  • Andreas Savvas
  • Martha Sakellariou
  • Dimitris Tzamouranis
  • Padelis Handris
  • Nikos Haralabidis
  • Thalia Hioti
  • Konstantinos Hristidis.

    The following people participated in the panel of experts:

  • Olga Daniilopoulou
  • Giorgos Zoggolopoulos
  • Thodoros
  • Vlasis Kaniaris
  • Anna Kafetsi
  • Nikos Kessanlis
  • Marina Labraki-Plaka
  • Hronis Botsoglou
  • Sotiris Sorogas and others