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From 2004 to the summer of 2007 Galerie Zygos was the sponsor of the Art Hall in Building 7, which hosted important Greek artists.

Galerie Zygos hosted during its operation:

  • From March 14th 2007 to the summer of 2007 the latest work of the painter Stratis Athinaios
  • From February 21st 2007 to March 11th 2007 the work of the talented Cypriot painter George Koumouros
  • From January 31st to February 18th 2007 an exhibition by Dimitris Papagrigorakis entitled "The Hours"
  • From October 11th to November 5th 2006 two simultaneous painting exhibitions: the exhibition by Katerina-Karagianni Iatropoulou entitled "My Mind Flies Enchanted" and the exhibition by Alexandros Vakirtzis entitled "Healthy Mind"
  • From September 20th to October 8th 2006 a painting exhibition by Nikos Seferiadis entitled "Sky Routes"
  • In the summer of 2006 an exhibition of selected collaborators such as M. Polimeri, G. Koumourou, G. Dionatou, P. Alexopoulou, G. Lakeridou, E. Georganta, D. Tzini, A. Melissaratou, D. Tsopanaki, M. Rizikianou-Passissi etc.
  • From June 1st to June 25th 2006 an exhibition by Lela Tsopanaki and Mari Rizikianou-Passissi entitled "Refugees-Immigration: the Odyssey of Despair"
  • From June 1st to June 25th 2006 an exhibition by the African American Jack White entitled "Obsessed with the square"
  • From May 18th to May 26th an individual exhibition by the Greek-Italian painter Eleni Godard entitled "A Riddle for Suspended Bodies"