To His Majesty the King, the Government and the Greek People:

Our motherland is in the most difficult plight, whereas the official State, offended and humiliated, is unable to take steps in order to defend its rights.

The whole Hellenism, being in deep pain due to this sad situation, has manifested its fervent desire that unremitting measures be taken to prevent similar risks in the future. Besides it has been pointed out repeatedly even by foreigners, officials or not, that our Nation would not suffer the accidents and the humiliations that has undergone to this day, if we possessed sufficient Army and Navy forces ready to defend our rights.

The League of officers of the National army of Land and the Navy, inspired by the same feelings and being aware, the way all Greeks are, of the urgency of the circumstances and the need for the existence of a worth-fighting army and fleet in order to defend the motherland and the rights of the Nation, being aware that the persons in charge neglected their full equipement, not out of ill will, but due to the unjustified pretext of the insufficiency of the State income, squandered nevertheless hither and thither, proceeds to the submission of a sacred request to the King, the-according to the fundamental Law- Leader of land and sea military forces of the state, and to His government, to full-heartedly engage in the immediate and rapid recovery of whatever lies in bad state, especially in relation to the Army and the Navy.

The Military League does not seek the abolition of the Dynasty or the replacement of the King, whose person is deemed sacred to those constituting it, nor does it wish to establish autocracy, or militarism, or affect in any way the Constitutional regime, as the members of the League are officers and Greek citizens and have sworn faith to the preservation of the Constitution.

[...]The Military League wishes [...] that the Administration of the country become virtuous and honourable, that Justice be dispensed rapidly with impartiality and equality to all in general the citizens irrespectively of class, so as for the Education of the People to become useful in the practical life and the military needs of the Country, to ensure the life, honour and property of the citizens, and finally for the public finance to recover, after having taken the required measures to the effect of a reasonable management of State revenues and expenses, in order that on the one hand the almost in penury Greek people be relieved from heavy taxation, which he pays and which is mercilessly squandered for the upkeepance of luxurious and redundant services and servants, for the sake of ignominious jobbery, on the other hand to positively define the extent to which expenses may increase for the military preparation of the Country and the maintenance of the army and the navy in peace.

[...]Such is the request put forward by the Military League for the Recovery of various Services of the state, of which the army and the navy form the least but most important part.

(Copied from V. Papakosmas, Oi epemvaseis tou stratou stin elliniki politiki zoi , Athens, Estia editions, 1981, pp. 267-270.)