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John Apokaukos

ohn Apokaukos descended from a prominent family of Byzantium, studied in Constantinople, and served as notary of the Patriarchate. He was metropolitan of Naupaktos from around 1200 to his death, around 1233, that is during the creation of the despotate of Epiros. During these critical years, he affirmed the need for resistance against Latin rule and his belief in the restoration of the Byzantine empire, with the despotate of Epiros at its centre. His opinions are expressed in his works - in his many letters to his friend Michael Choniates, who was metropolitan of Athens at the time, and to other prominent personalities of the end of the 12th century, as well as in a number of poems in iambic verse and in formal documents. His writings constitute a valuable source of information on the history of the state of Epiros.