The settlement of Dimini, built close to the shore of the Gulf of Pagassai, is one of the most thoroughly investigated prehistoric settlements in Greece. Among its archaeological remains (architecture, pottery, tools, figurines, jewellery), all cultural achievements of the Aegean society of the Late Neolithic II Period (4800-4500 BC) are represented, and have been characterized by the first researchers of Greek Prehistory by the term Dimini culture.
The VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) reconstruction (in VRML format και σε in sketchfab format) of Dimini was based on the so far published material of the excavations. It provides the visitor the experience of free movement through the settlement as well as familiarization with the settlement organization and the activities of neolithic farmers.

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In order to see the VRML reconstruction of Dimini you will need Cosmo Player 2.0 or later